Since 2011 the CADARN Skills Centre at Aberystwyth has hosted a series of Law CPD workshops, in association with the Department of Law and Criminology, targeting local solicitors in the Mid Wales area.  With many solicitors travelling to South Wales and beyond to obtain their Law CPD points, running interesting and desirable Law CPD courses locally in Aberystwyth has been very successful.
On the 23rd June 2014 a law firm from Cardiff, Capital Law, delivered a ‘Mock Employment Tribunal’ workshop at Aberystwyth offering delegates the opportunity to experience the Employment Tribunal process.   The aim of the workshop was to give businesses / organisations a clear understanding of the Employment Tribunal process and the relevant legal issues involved.

Feedback from the delegates who attended was excellent with many finding the workshop interesting, informative and helpful. 

“One of the most enjoyable courses I’ve attended” – David Hinton Jones, Morris & Bates