Lecture Series 5: October 2014 - April 2015

Draft programme

(October 2011 – May 2012) -

Session 6: Dementia
1st May 2012 6pm Venue Cymru

Dr. Mike Bird
Challenging behaviour associated with dementia: Problems with the prevailing model

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Professor Bob Woods
Dementia supportive communities: a vision for the future

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Session 5: Autistic Spectrum Disorder
20th March 2012 6pm Venue Cymru

Professor Richard Hastings
What is Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and how can ABA approaches benefit children with autism and children with a learning disability?
Bethan Mair Williams
The practicalities of implementing behavioural principles to address communication and educational needs within a public sector cost conscious setting.

Session 4: Fundamentals in Health Care
21 February 2012 6pm Venue Cymru

Professor Jean White
Improving the patient’s experience in hospital
Janet Davies
Improving Care, Delivering Quality - the 1000 Lives Plus Programme

Session 3: Managing Long-term Conditions
17 January 2012 6pm Venue Cymru
Dr Val Morrison – Living with chronic disease: psychosocial influences on the patient and family caregiver experience

Session 2: Cancer and Palliative Care
15 November 2011
Professor Nick Stuart – Caring for the cancer patient in the 21st century – Part I
Dr Andy Fowell - Caring for the cancer patient in the 21st century – Part II

Session 1: Mental Health
18 October 2011
Dr Richard Tranter – Through a glass, happily: What can antidepressants tell us about how we see the emotional world?
Dr Seren Roberts – Is ignorance bliss? What we need to know about depression research.