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Lecture Series 4: October 2013 - April 2014

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* denotes video of lecture

Session 1: Mental Health

Lecture 1: Mental Health and Ill Health: Diagnosis or distress - David Coyle* View video

Lecture 2: Rescuing your Doctor from the Snow Queen - Professor David Healy

Session 2: Dyslexia

Lecture 1: Effective Teaching Methods for Children with Dyslexia - Dr Marketa Caravolas

Lecture 2: Adult Dyslexia: Strategies for life and work - Liz Du Pre

Session 3: From Full Mind to Mindfulness

Lecture 1: Close your Eyes, Open your Mind - Professor Guillaume Thierry

Lecture 2: Mindfulness: Mind training for wellbeing - Dr. Dusana Dorjee* View video

Session 4: Adolescent Mental Health

Lecture 1: Self-Harm - Dr Michaela Swales* View video

Lecture 2: Prevention of Young Suicide - Alexis Elliott* View video

Session 5: Ageing Well in Wales

Lecture 1: From Illbeing to Wellbeing: Understanding dementia care in the general hospital - Sean Page* View video

Lecture 2: Accentuating the Positives: A consideration of issues of wellbeing, memory loss and ageing - Karen Wood* View video

Session 6: Diabetes

Lecture 1: Incidence and Prevalence of Diabetes in Wales - Helen Wyn Bloodworth

Lecture 2: Preventative Side of Diabetes: Reducing the risk - Julie Lewis